How to delete your Google Analytics account?

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Published on Sep 29, 2022 and edited on Jan 24, 2023 by Iron Brands

You might want to delete your Google Analytics account for multiple reasons. Your website is not active anymore, or you have quit your blog, or maybe you want to switch to another (privacy-friendly) analytics tool.

The last reason is getting more steam lately. In the first place, this is because website visitors care about their privacy. In addition, Google Analytics announced in march this year they would sunset universal analytics in favor of GA 4. A growing need for online privacy has driven this change. Although, the question remains if GA4 is actually more privacy-friendly than its predecessor.

At the same time, EU privacy watchdogs have been cracking down on Google Analytics since the beginning of 2022. The French authority CNIL stated that Google Analytics violates GDPR law and businesses are liable for a fine if they continue using Google Analytics. Following the French, Google has been found unlawful in Italy & Denmark as well. This is the result of a coordinated approach on a European level and more EU Member States are likely to follow in the coming months.

There’s never been a better time to delete your Google Analytics account; let’s dig in and find out how!

  1. How to remove Google Analytics from your website
    1. Login into your Google Analytics account
    2. Go to property settings
    3. Select the property and move to trash
    4. Remove code from your website
  2. How to restore your Google Analytics data
  3. Delete Google Analytics altogether
  4. Import your Google Analytics data into a privacy-friendly alternative
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Let's jump in!

How to remove Google Analytics from your website

Before showing you how to delete your Google Analytics account, we should touch upon the fact that there are multiple hierarchies in Google Analytics. This is to prevent confusion and to ensure you are deleting the right stuff.

Account: There is at least one account through which you can see your analytics

Property: This can be a website. An account can have multiple properties

View: This can be a subdomain for a specific website.

You may have multiple accounts with multiple properties that have multiple views.

If you delete your Google Analytics account, any properties associated with that account will be deleted as well. Deleting a property removes all the views, filters, and settings (including advanced settings) of that specific property. If you don't want to lose your historical data, you could create a copy or import it directly into another analytics tool. For example, at Simple Analytics we've created a Google Analytics importer so you can directly see your historical data in our dashboard.

When you want to delete a Google Analytics property, like a website, follow these steps:

Login into your Google Analytics account

In the account overview, you can navigate to the Admin section by clicking on the icon at the bottom left of your screen.

delete google analytics

Go to property settings

When you open the admin section, you can choose between account, property, and view. We want to delete a website, so we navigate to property settings.

delete google analytics property

Select the property and move to trash

Your website is now in trash. You (and others with permission to manage users) will get notified by email that your website will be deleted.

delete google analytics website

Remove code from your website

After you've deleted the website, make sure to remove the code from your website as well. If you are using a plugin, you can just disable the plugin to remove analytics.

How to restore your Google Analytics data

It is possible to restore your data within 35 days if you change your mind. If the data is deleted permanently, you must start from scratch and set up a new Google Analytics account.

If you want to restore your Google Analytics data, follow these two steps:

  • Login into Google Analytics and navigate again to the Admin section left bottom
  • In the admin section, under Account, you will see a trash can. Click on the trash can and restore the property you want to restore.

restore google analytics

Delete Google Analytics altogether

If you want to take it a step further and delete your Google Analytics account altogether, you can follow roughly the same steps as when deleting a property. The only difference is that to delete your account; you navigate to account instead of property.

By now, it should be clear how to remove your Google Analytics account (or a Google Analytics property). If you are discontinuing your blog or website, the following part of this blog won't be of any direct interest to you; however, if you are deleting Google Analytics because you don't want to support the biggest data-devouring machine in the world. In that case, you might want to check out some privacy-friendly alternatives.

Import your Google Analytics data into a privacy-friendly alternative

There are other (privacy-friendlier) options for website analytics out there, built by companies that have chosen a different path from Google Analytics and opted for privacy. Simple Analytics is one of them.

We are a small and independent team that believes in creating a web that is friendly to website visitors. It's a David vs. Goliath, but we believe we are on the right end.

Google Analytics is a liability for your business (in the EU). If you use Google Analytics, you do not comply with GDPR law and are liable for a fine.

In addition:

  • You may not want your visitor's data to be reused for advertising purposes
  • You may prefer a much simpler and straightforward web analytics tool
  • You want to increase your website performance (Google Analytics slows it down)
  • You don't want to show a cookie banner to annoy your visitors

At Simple Analytics, we provide website owners with the insights they need while protecting the privacy of your users and complying with privacy laws. It's cookieless by design, and you don't need to use a cookie banner on your website.

One of the biggest issues with switching to another web analytics tool is the hassle of setting things up. However, at Simple Analytics, we've made this as smooth as possible as we allow you to import your Google Analytics data directly into our dashboard.

If you are thinking of exploring privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternatives. You might want to give us a try.

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