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Published on Sep 18, 2023 by Iron Brands

The Great Central Gazette is more than just a newspaper. Born out of a shared vision in 2022, this Leicester-based independent and not-for-profit newspaper has quickly become a trusted source for high-quality journalism.

Committed to inclusiveness, investigative journalism, and community voice, The Gazette was on a quest to understand its audience better without compromising privacy.

This case study explores how Simple Analytics transformed their analytics approach, leading to improved engagement, content strategy, and overall growth.

Great-Central-Gazette-staff-e1656344636158.jpgThe Great Central Gazette Team

Challenge: Intrusive analytics misalignment

Before the implementation of Simple Analytics, The Gazette struggled with a complicated and intrusive analytics tool.

Google Analytics, although rich in data, posed issues with navigation, understanding of information, and privacy concerns. Their efforts to provide a platform for unheard voices, shed light on important issues, and celebrate local culture were hindered by these challenges.

Especially the privacy-intrusive methods of data collection did not stroke with Great Central Gazette's core values.

Solution: A Step-By-Step Transformation with Simple Analytics

The Gazette needed an analytics platform that was simple, privacy-centric, and user-friendly. In their quest to find they stumbled on Simple Analytics.

Simple Analytics was the answer, offering a simple no-cookies approach and compliance with privacy regulations.

  • Easy Integration: The shift to Simple Analytics required minimal technical effort. The code provided was easily integrated into their website, allowing a smooth transition.

  • Clean Dashboard and Intuitive Analysis: The simplicity of Simple Analytics’ dashboard made data analysis a breeze. Quick report generation and meaningful insights became an integral part of their daily operations. In comparison, Google Analytics is unnecessarily complex.


  • Transparency and Ethical Approach: By using the Simple Analytics API, Great Central Gazette embeds their live and up-to-date website analytics directly on their transparency page. This allows them to publish the analytics directly on their website for everyone to see, thereby strengthening their bond with readers and stakeholders.

"Simple Analytics helped us make more informed decisions about content strategy, marketing efforts, and website improvements. It contributed to the growth of the Great Central Gazette as a reliable and influential source of independent journalism in Leicester and the surrounding area."



  • Clearer Understanding of Performance: Simple Analytics provided clarity on website performance and user behavior. The ability to access data promptly led to more informed decisions.

  • Enhanced Content Strategy: With streamlined data, The Gazette improved its content strategy, ensuring that it resonated with the readers.

  • Growth in Influence and Reliability: Simple Analytics played a key role in growing The Gazette's influence as a reliable source of independent journalism in Leicester.

  • Respecting User Privacy: Simple Analytics' approach aligned perfectly with The Gazette's values, allowing them to analyze data without compromising their audience’s privacy.


For Great Central Gazette, Simple Analytics was more than just a tool. It became a strategic partner that helped them navigate the complex world of data without losing sight of their core values.

With a simple, transparent, and effective approach to analytics, The Gazette has not only enhanced its content and marketing strategies but also fortified its position as a beacon of community-driven journalism.

In a world where data analytics can often become overwhelming and intrusive, Simple Analytics has proven that simplicity, transparency, and ethics can indeed co-exist, leading to success and growth. If this resonates with you feel free to give us a try

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