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What is bounce rate?

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Published on Mar 31, 2023 and edited on May 12, 2023 by Iron Brands

Bounce rate in Google Analytics is a metric that represents the percentage of single-page sessions on your website. In other words, it's the percentage of visitors who land on a page of your site and leave without interacting with any other elements or navigating to other pages within the same session. A high bounce rate can indicate that users are not finding what they're looking for or aren't engaged with your content or website design.

For example, say you run a cooking blog and have published a new recipe. You notice that 100 visitors land on that recipe page, but 60 of them leave without clicking on any links, exploring other recipes, or interacting with your website in any other way. In this scenario, your bounce rate would be 60% (60 out of 100 visitors).

Bounce rate is an essential indicator of user engagement and can help you identify potential issues with your website's content, design, or user experience. A high bounce rate may signal that the content isn't valuable or relevant to visitors, the design is confusing or unappealing, or the site doesn't load quickly enough on different devices.

By keeping an eye on your bounce rate in Google Analytics and working to address potential issues, you can improve the user experience on your website and encourage visitors to explore your content further, increasing the likelihood of conversions and building a more loyal audience.

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