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What is page title?

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Published on Mar 31, 2023 and edited on May 4, 2023 by Iron Brands

A page title is a short and descriptive text string used to identify and describe a web page. The page title typically appears at the top of the web browser window, and search engines also use it to identify and rank the page in the search engine results page.

The page title is an important element of a web page because it helps communicate the content and purpose of the page to both users and search engines. A well-written and descriptive page title can help improve the ranking of the page in search engine results. It can also help improve the user experience by providing users with a clear page description of the page.

The page title is typically specified in the HTML code of the web page using the <title> element. The page title should be unique and descriptive and no longer than 60 characters to ensure that it is fully displayed on the search engine results page.

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