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Published on Nov 8, 2023 and edited on Nov 23, 2023 by Iron Brands

Since the GDPR and other privacy laws came into force, digital privacy has been a major concern for companies. Traditional, cookie-based solutions like Google Analytics are intrinsically intrusive. But web analytics can still be done in a compliant and privacy-friendly way.

Simple Analytics is built with compliance in mind. In addition, we work hard to make every feature as simple and intuitive as possible so that you can better focus on your analytics and make the most out of the insights we provide.

  1. An intuitive and powerful UI
  2. Effortless migration from Google Analytics
  3. Share your data within your organization
  4. No cookie banners
  5. Accurate analytics
  6. Compliance made easy
  7. All your questions answered
  8. Legal support
  9. Customer support and Service Level Agreements
  10. Flexible pricing
  11. Full ownership of your data
  12. API and plugins for easy integration
  13. Powerful and lightweight
  14. Focus on your goals
  15. Say goodbye to complex analytics
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An intuitive and powerful UI

At Simple Analytics, we like to make web analytics intuitive and accessible. We want our customers to spend as little time as possible figuring out how things are done so that they can focus on their data and make the most of it.

This is why Simple Analytics’ UI has all the features you need while being easy to navigate. Our intuitive and powerful UI allows teams to effortlessly work together and get the right insights without clutter. It also allows new customers to quickly familiarize themselves with the product and start working on improving their online presence right away.

Effortless migration from Google Analytics

Historical data is invaluable for web analytics. This is why Simple Analytics offers a data importer for Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4. The tool makes the migration from Google Analytics hassle-free and opens up exciting possibilities to customers who want to switch from Google Analytics.

You can learn more about our import tool here.

Share your data within your organization

Our tool is designed to facilitate data sharing within teams and organizations. You can generate and share reports within your team. You can also allow your team direct access to your Simple Analytics account with specific roles such as Admin, Finance, or Developer- all of which can be effortlessly managed from a single customer account.

With all these options only a few clicks away on your UI, teamwork is easier than ever.

Simple Analytics does not collect personal data from visitors and does not need a cookie banner. Your visitors can enjoy a clutter-free user experience that will leave a great first impression on your website. Throw away the annoying cookie banner.

Not having to provide a cookie banner also makes some crucial metrics, such as page views, more accurate, as Simple Analytics still counts visitors who would have declined cookies from traditional web analytics services.

As an alternative, Simple Analytics can run side-by-side with tools like GA and Adobe Analytics, as well as other cookie-based tools that require a cookie banner. This allows customers to minimize the loss of data for visitors who reject cookies.

Accurate analytics

Simple Analytics is meant to power your business with accurate insights. Our product includes Advanced Robot Blocking to filter out bot traffic and provide you with accurate data.

You can also set up Simple Analytics through a sub-domain to bypass ad blockers (don’t worry, we don’t collect a single bit of personal data anyway!)

Compliance made easy

Businesses are under increased pressure from the public and regulators to comply with privacy law. This is not always easy, as privacy law can be hard to understand, and solutions to compliance issues often need to be discussed by different stakeholders within organizations.

Thankfully, Simple Analytics makes compliance a breeze because it does not collect personal data. Our customers comply with the most stringent legislation, including the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive of the EU, the UK GDPR, the PECR, the TTDSG, and the HIPAA.

Not processing personal data also means that the data can be transferred freely between jurisdictions without any need to implement complex safeguards and compliance mechanisms.

Long story short, our customers don’t suffer from compliance headaches and can better focus on making the most out of the data.

All your questions answered

Our website includes extensive documentation for our product Simple Analytics, and we are consistently expanding it. If you have a question, chances are our website has an answer- whether it is about UI, technical implementation, or legal compliance.

If the answer is not on the site, you can contact us directly, and we will get back to you in no time. Additionally, we provide Enterprise customers with** video support** for any issues they might experience with our product.

We take the law very seriously and strive to help our customer base with compliance. We provide our customers with extensive legal documentation to address any questions they might have. Additionally, we offer our Enterprise customers legal & compliance support to set up and run Simple Analytics without headaches.

Customer support and Service Level Agreements

We honor the trust our customers place in our service. This is why we work non-stop to support our customers and address any issues they might have. Our Service Level Agreement ensures that our service is reliable and that no data are lost in case of service interruption.

Flexible pricing

Simple Analytics offers a free version and three subscription tiers with different features, catering to small and large businesses alike. Our subscription model is flexible: if your page views are above or below your subscription, you will be billed accordingly. This way, you only pay for what you actually need.

You can learn everything about our subscription model here.

Full ownership of your data

With Simple Analytics, you own your data. We do not use your data for any purpose and do not share it with anyone. You can export it at any time, and it is yours to keep if you stop using the service.

API and plugins for easy integration

Our customers work with a wide range of platforms. So, we developed a product that can be seamlessly integrated with other software. Our integrations allow you to use Simple Analytics with Google Tag Manager, Google Looker Studio, Power BI, WordPress, CloudFlare, WIX, and more. If we don’t have the plugin you are looking for, our API allows you to export both raw and aggregated data.

Powerful and lightweight

Simple Analytics is lighter than most web analytics solutions on the market. Our script only weighs 3 kb and won’t slow down your website or clutter your bandwidth. This makes for smoother navigation and a better user experience on our customer’s websites.

Focus on your goals

Monitoring the performance of your website and campaigns is easier than ever with Simple Analytics. Our goals feature allows customers to set goals (such as referrals from Google Search or visits from a certain country) and later use them as filters when viewing traffic data. Goals can be set up and managed with just a few clicks from your dashboard.

Say goodbye to complex analytics

We at Simple Analytics like to keep things simple- it’s in the name after all. Our product is easy to set up and integrate with other platforms, provides customers with a clean and intuitive UI, and is compliant with privacy law out of the box.

With Simple Analytics you and your team can skip all the hassle and get right to work on the great insights it provides. If this resonates with you, feel free to give us a try!

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