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What is a direct none in Google Analytics?

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Published on Jan 20, 2023 by Iron Brands

In Google Analytics, "direct none" is a term used to describe visits to your website that does not have a clear referral source. This means that the user did not come to your website from a known source, such as a search engine, a social media platform, or another website.

There are a few different reasons why a visit to your website might be classified as "direct none" in Google Analytics. For example, if a user types your website's URL directly into their browser, that would be considered a direct visit. Similarly, if a user clicks on a link to your website in an email or a document, that would also be regarded as a direct visit.

"Direct none" visits can also occur when the referral information is not passed on to Google Analytics for some reason. For example, if a user clicks on a link to your website from a secure (HTTPS) page, the referral information may not be passed on due to the page's security settings.

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