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What are events in Google Analytics?

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Published on Jan 20, 2023 and edited on May 8, 2024 by Iron Brands

Events in Google Analytics) are critical for tracking specific user interactions with content that don't involve a new page being loaded. Here is all you need to know about events in Google Analytics...

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Google Analytics vs Simple Analytics

Alright, back to Google Analytics.

What are Events?

Events are user interactions which are tracked independently from a web page or a screen load. Examples of events include downloads, mobile ad clicks, video plays, and form submissions.

Types of Event Data

Events are characterized by four components, two of which are optional:

  • Category: A name you supply as a way to group objects you want to track.
  • Action: The type of interaction (e.g., click, download, play).
  • Label (optional): Additional information for categorization (e.g., video title).
  • Value (optional): A numerical value associated with the event (e.g., video duration).

Importance of Events

  • Detailed Interaction Tracking: Events allow for a more granular analysis of how users interact with your website beyond page views.
  • Customizable Tracking: You can tailor event tracking to specific business needs or user actions.
  • Enhanced User Engagement Insights: Events provide deeper insights into user engagement, such as how often a particular feature is used.

Setting Up and Tracking Events

  • Implementation: Event tracking can be set up via Google Analytics' tracking code or through Google Tag Manager.
  • Reports: Once set up, events can be viewed in the 'Realtime', 'Behavior', and 'Events' reports in Google Analytics.

Final Thoughts

While Google Analytics offers robust and detailed tracking capabilities, it can be complex for some users. If you just want a straightforward dashboard with the insights you need, GA is not a great place to start. Additionally, Google Analytics is a privacy-invasive tool and requires an annoying cookie banner.

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