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Published on Jan 16, 2024 and edited on Feb 21, 2024 by Iron Brands

One of the many ways to gain a better understanding of your visitors is by tracking which device they use to visit your website. Tracking device usage give you more insights on whether focus on mobile or desktop users for instance.

In this blog, we dive into why tracking device usage is important and how to set it up using Simple Analytics.

Let's get started!

  1. Why is tracking device usage important?
  2. How to use Simple Analytics to track device usage
    1. Install the Script
    2. Access data
  3. Final Thoughts
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Why is tracking device usage important?

We mentioned already briefly, but tracking device usage provides you with information related to the device type your visitors use, such as a phone, desktop, or tablet.

It is useful for sorting all devices and identifying which devices drive the most traffic to your website. This information will help you improve your website.

For example, if you get the most traffic from mobile, you should ensure that your website is effectively optimized for phones in order to provide your visitors with an optimal user experience.

How to use Simple Analytics to track device usage

Here is how you can set it up. Let's follow the steps.

Install the Script

Start by creating your account on Simple Analytics (if you haven't done this already). This will prompt you to add your website and install the script onto your website.

This is really easy and works the same as if you would add Google Analytics to your websites. The script enables Simple Analytics to start tracking page views on your website.

Access data

Once Simple Analytics is installed, it starts collecting all the necessary web analytics info, and you can start seeing in your dashboard.

Simply head over to your dashboard, scroll down a bit, and you see a column named “devices” which will should you what percentage of users comes through mobile, tablet, and desktop. Y

ou can also set this to filter by page to see device usage metrics by page.

Final Thoughts

Tracking device usage is necessary to get a better understanding of how website visitors access your website. By following the steps indicated above, you can quickly gather valuable insights. This will help you make well-informed website decisions that correspond with your business goals.

At Simple Analytics we believe in an independent internet that is friendly to website visitors. If this resonates with you, feel free to give us a try!

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