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Published on Nov 23, 2023 and edited on Dec 13, 2023 by Iron Brands

By including a clickable phone number on your website or marketing campaigns, users can reach your business directly. Tracking phone link clicks will provide you with insights into user behavior. For instance, you can identify if calling is the preferred contact method.

Let's learn more about this in the following section, as well as how you can track phone link clicks with Simple Analytics.

  1. Why is tracking phone link clicks important?
  2. How to use Simple Analytics to track downloads
    1. Step 1: Install the Script
    2. Step 2: Create the Events
    3. Step 3: Test & Access Event Data
    4. Step 4: Create Goals
  3. Conclusion
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You can discover how often a phone number link is clicked on a website by tracking phone call links. To get a better idea of your website's conversion rate, track how frequently users click on phone number links.

Depending on the nature of your business, phone calls can be important for user engagement.

If your business's key sales are based on the number of customers who call you, then tracking phone link clicks is important for determining which strategies are working and which are not.

You can easily track clicks on your phone number. This will give you a better picture of its importance and allow you to optimize this.

How to use Simple Analytics to track downloads

Step 1: Install the Script

If you aren’t a Simple Analytics user already, this step is mandatory, while others can jump to step 2.

Start by creating your account on Simple Analytics, which will prompt you to add your website and the code below onto your website’s <body> tag.

<script async defer src="<>"></script>

<noscript><img src="<>" alt="" referrerpolicy="no-referrer-when-downgrade" /></noscript>

If necessary, you can place it in the <head> section, but remember to omit the <noscript> part.

Also, if you choose to use our custom domain feature, replace and with your custom domain.

Step 2: Create the Events

Once the script is installed, it’s time to add our events so Simple Analytics can track and display them on the user dashboard.

Below is the function that needs to be added to your website.

// Event to track successful phone link clicks


Remember to trigger these only when your desired event occurs.

In the case of <a> with a phone link, this needs to be done as shown in the example below.

<a href="+19892332424" onClick="sa_event("phn_link_clicked")">Call Us</a>

Once these are added, all events shall be sent to Simple Analytics, which we’ll process in the below steps.

Step 3: Test & Access Event Data

Now that you have started collecting the phone link clicks data, head over to your website’s Simple Analytics dashboard.

Then click on the events tab, and you should see all your events there, including the ones you added.

Note: Events only get added once they are triggered. If you have just added them, you can manually trigger them once for testing by clicking on the “call us” link.

Step 4: Create Goals

Next is the final and most important step, and that is start visualizing your metrics using our “goals” feature.

To effectively measure phone link clicks, create the goals based on the event triggered:

  • Define the goal: Give it a name like “Phone Link Clicked”
  • Set the event: Choose the event “phn_link_clicked”
  • Mark the goal as important: Ensure it appears in the visitor dashboard for easy tracking.

By creating the goal, you can monitor and track phone link clicks with ease.


To conclude, Simple analytics can help you simplify the process by tracking phone link clicks and providing information to help you design more successful strategies for driving more conversions, enhancing customer engagement, and growing your business.

Feel free to give us a try!

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