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Published on Aug 17, 2023 by Ankit Ghosh

Contentsquare is an advanced product analytics tool that’s referred to as a digital experience platform because of a few extra features, such as integration with mobile apps and automated insights.

Although Contentsquare helps in product analytics, but it also brings a hard-to-use UI, and for many, it might be much more sensible to use something simple.


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  2. ContentSquare Reviews
  3. Simple Analytics: An easy-to-use alternative
  4. Feature comparison between Contentsquare and Simple Analytics
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    1. What exactly does Contentsquare do?
    2. How many segments from Google Analytics can I add to ContentSquare?
    3. What was Contentsquare's previous name, and who owns it?
    4. What exactly is product analytics?
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Contentsquare provides valuable insights into user behavior with features like time spent on site tracking, campaign management, funnel analysis, multiple site administration, pageview tracking, and automated insights.

Though there is no issue with metrics or tracking, the setup can be challenging for many. Suppose you are currently evaluating different tools and deciding on the right one for your needs. In that case, it is crucial to thoroughly assess the tool's usability and also consider the available support during the installation phase. Doing so can ensure a smoother implementation and maximize the benefits of Contentsquare for your business.

Pros of Contentsquare

  • Provides in-depth insights
  • Many users love their sunburst diagram, which shows what user’s doing instantly

Cons of Contentsquare

  • Very expensive
  • Complex software and hard to understand

ContentSquare Reviews

"Perfect to some extend"

What do you like best about Contentsquare?

Their massive positive aspect is their customer service. You get dedicated Contentsquare coworkers who are full of resources, very resilient, fun, smart, helpful and very motivated. You get support, challenges and recognition. If there's any bug or doubt eveyone at Contentsquare is reachable and they reply very fast. They won't let you hanging and truthfully desire the best for you. They have a very strong community and ensure full on collaboration. It is rare to find and golden to get.

What do you dislike about Contentsquare?

It is not as easy and strong as they would represent it. Like any other digital analytics tools there are many aspects to take into consideration and that can be easily forgotten by business or management. Data never fall out of the sky and managing and using a great tool like Contentsquare requires great responsability, communication, documentation and structure. Plus, from time to time it can get quite buggy which makes its usage sometimes frustrating. But this is taking care of and balanced with their great support.

What problems is Contentsquare solving and how is that benefiting you?

Greater accessibility with non data mindset people. It all looks more understandable than other tools and some functionalities are very handy, easy and quick to use (gotta love the cs live extension)

***Samantha G.|*Enterprise

Source: G2

"Great insight and customisation. Becoming more intuitive over time."

What do you like best about Contentsquare?

Frequently uncovers the "why" that standard web analytics can't uncover. The ability to determine what content or experience works best, at a macro or micro level is crucial.

What do you dislike about Contentsquare?

Contentsqure isn't the easiest platform to use. Embedding it across teams that do not have backgrounds in analytics can be tricky and many prefer to be spoon-fed the information than commit the team required to get the most of it.

What problems is Contentsquare solving and how is that benefiting you?

What content specific audiences interact with and how these micro-conversions can lead to a full transaction later down the line. It enables us to make decisions earlier and commit to changes where the commercial benefits may not be immediately apparent.

***Nathan K.|*Experimentation Manager Enterprise

Source: G2

"Nightmare incarnate"

What do you like best about Contentsquare?

On a conceptual level, I think Contentsquare is a good tool, for example the journey analysis, session replays, and the heatmap analysis where you can see scroll rate, click rate etc. for your webpagesReview collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike about Contentsquare?

It is super clunky and difficult to use. Mappings were a nightmare to setup, and the platform is buggy. Implementation is really hard and I still have not managed to derive value out of it after 6 months. I feel a little misled by the sales teams who promised the implementation was a piece of cake (and I had stressed on this being important for me).Review collected by and hosted on

What problems is Contentsquare solving and how is that benefiting you?

I really don't know. Not much, caught a couple of bugs through the high frustration scores.

***Ankita A.|*Program Manager, CEO's Office

Source: G2

Simple Analytics: An easy-to-use alternative

Simple Analytics is an easy-to-use analytics tool that gives you the insights you need while being 100% GDPR-compliant.

It was founded by Adriaan van Rossum shortly after the GDPR was approved. Since its inception, Simple Analytics has had customers of all sizes, notable ones being: Michelin, Havas Media, Nomadlist, and the UK Government.

Though Simple Analytics might sound like a simple minimal analytics tool, it does pack some powerful features that many marketers love, such as automated event collection, goal tracking, e-commerce analytics, bypassing ad blockers (as it’s privacy-friendly), and much more.

Simple Analytics is the preferred choice over Contentsquare for all those looking for an affordable and more straightforward product analytics tool that does the job easily.

Let's explore a few reasons why it's become a preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable and affordable analytics tools.

Pros of using Simple Analytics

  1. Simple UI: Most product analytics tools like Contentsquare come with a complex UI which takes time to understand if you’re not a regular user. On the other hand, Simple Analytics focuses on a clean and easy-to-understand UI that even non-marketers can easily understand.
  2. Affordable: Tracking your most important metrics is pretty affordable with Simple Analytics. For just $9/month, you can track 100,000 data points (pageviews + events). Additionally, you get features that you would find in much more expensive tools.
  3. Privacy First: The world is moving in a direction where privacy is becoming increasingly important. Google Analytics has been declared illegal in multiple EU countries. You would rather avoid getting caught up in this mess. Take privacy or compliance with regulations into account.
  4. Mini Websites: Have you ever seen “” as a referrer in your web analytics? If you have, you must have broken your head trying to find the source. Simple Analytics helps you find the exact tweet that referred/mentioned to your website.
  5. Lightweight: Your website is your storefront on the internet. Providing the best possible experience matters. Installing an analytics script has an impact on page speed. Choose an analytics tool that won’t slow your website down. Even Google recommends having a website that loads quickly.
  6. Integration: Installing and integrating Simple Analytics is also super easy. It has 20+ integrations to select from, so you can get it added quickly.

Cons of using Simple Analytics

Due to privacy laws, Simple Analytics doesn’t store IPs and user identifiers, which makes it lack a couple of metrics, such as bounce rate. Still, it does have time on page to give you an idea of user stickiness.

Pricing of Simple Analytics

Simple Analytics offers an affordable pricing structure. The plans start at just $9/month, which lets you track 100,000 data points.

If you need more features, such as team access, the pricing goes up to $49/month, increasing the data points limit from 100,000 to 1,000,000.

Feature comparison between Contentsquare and Simple Analytics

Simple AnalyticsContentSquare
Account Management
Trackable ItemsUnlimitedUnlimited
User Seats1 to Unlimited usersUnlimited
User RolesAvailableAvailable
Account SecurityPasswordless LoginN/A
Data Processing
Data RetentionUnlimited13 months (mentioned in privacy policy)
Data Center LocationsEuropean Economic Area (EEA)European Economic Area (EEA), United States
Data ImportGA importer includedMetrics API
Data OwnershipYouYou
Software HostingPublic CloudPublic Cloud
Data FreshnessRealtimeRealtime
Data ExportAs CSV or via APIVia CSV or API
CookielessSimple Analytics is cookieless by defaultContentSquare uses first party cookies
Funnel ReportingAvailableAvailable
Device ReportingAvailableAvailable
Trend ReportingAvailableAvailable
Alerts & Automation
Integrations20+ Available50+ Available
Email ReportsWeekly, monthlyCustom
Custom EventsAvailableAvailable (max 40 events/pageview)


Contentsquare provides companies with sophisticated product analytics capabilities but bear in mind not everyone will find it ideal due to its complex interface and costly pricing.

On the other hand, Simple Analytics provides a simpler UI and much more affordable pricing than Contentsquare. Simple Analytics also provides the insights you need while being 100% GDPR-compliant. They believe the internet should be an independent place that is friendly to website visitors. If this resonates with you, feel free to give it a try!

FAQs: A Better Alternative to ContentSquare

What exactly does Contentsquare do?

ContentSquare is a startup that helps businesses create better digital experiences. Their cloud-based digital analytics technology monitors billions of interactions and converts them into recommendations to improve the customer experience and inspire innovation.

How many segments from Google Analytics can I add to ContentSquare?

Across all ContentSquare integrations, you can import up to 200 segments. This allows you to import various segments from Google Analytics to improve analysis and decision-making within ContentSquare.

What was Contentsquare's previous name, and who owns it?

Clicktale was the previous name for Contentsquare, and Jonathan Cherki is the owner. This name change reflects the company's expansion and evolution in the digital experience analytics market.

What exactly is product analytics?

Product analytics is the data showing how and which of your users interact with the product. It helps to track, visualize and analyze user interaction data. The critical role of a product analytics tool is to answer questions such as, “Are users using the product in the intended way?”.

Or “What percentage of users are using the new feature?”, “How much time are users spending on a certain thing in the app?”, “What is the general flow for certain users?” etc.

These answers help make predictable product decisions like adding new features or UI changes to impact users positively.

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