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Published on Aug 17, 2023 by Ankit Ghosh

Woopra is a tool used for monitoring client engagement with your offerings. It accumulates customer interaction data from the initial visit to the final transaction.

Companies can analyze customer page views, assessing the duration spent on each page. This crucial information aids in identifying the most efficient sections of their website.

This article will cover Woopra’s features, strengths, and weaknesses. But there's more! We'll introduce you to an exciting alternative. This innovative solution offers a fresh perspective, empowering you to make informed decisions.


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  3. Simple Analytics: A privacy-friendly alternative
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    1. How does Woopra handle data privacy?
    2. How does Woopra keep track of customer behavior?
    3. Which has a more user-friendly interface, Woopra or Simple Analytics?
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Woopra is a platform for customer analytics and behavior tracking that gives organizations insights into customer interactions across multiple touchpoints. It provides organizations with real-time data, customer journey monitoring, and personalized reports to help them optimize their marketing and increase customer engagement.

While Woopra has many impressive features, it is essential to remember that its applicability may vary depending on a company's specific demands.

Pros of Woopra

  • Generous free plan
  • Supports multiple single-click integrations

Cons of Woopra

  • Poor data retention policy (max 24 months)
  • Extra charges to store dates for more than 24 months
  • Unclear GDPR compliance

Woopra Reviews

"Woopra: Unveiling Customer Insights for Business Growth"

What do you like best about Woopra? Real-time tracking and analytics for immediate insights into customer behavior. Visitor profiles that provide comprehensive information about individual customers. User-friendly interface with visually appealing dashboards and reports. Integration capabilities with third-party tools and platforms. Customization and segmentation options for targeted analysis and marketing strategies.

What do you dislike about Woopra? Pricing can be considered relatively expensive for businesses with larger data volumes or extensive tracking requirements. There may be a learning curve associated with using Woopra, especially for users who are new to analytics platforms. Limited customizability of certain features or reports may be a concern for users with specific data analysis needs.

What problems is Woopra solving and how is that benefiting you? Solves the problem of limited customer insights by providing a deeper understanding of customer behavior and preferences. Addresses the challenge of fragmented customer data by offering a unified view across multiple platforms and touchpoints. Enables data-driven decision-making to improve products, services, and marketing strategies. Helps identify bottlenecks and optimize conversion rates for better business outcomes. Facilitates personalized marketing campaigns by leveraging customer data and segmentation capabilities. Kumaran s. | Graduate Engineer Trainee, Mid-Market

Source: G2

*****"helps to know the data that is specifically needed" What do you like best about Woopra?** woopra is exactly what we needed to have constant monitoring of the data of each client, it reports a very analytical report where we have been able to improve the procedure that must be followed with each client to retain it. What do you dislike about Woopra? prices may be a bit high for companies that cannot bear these costs. What problems is Woopra solving and how is that benefiting you? With each piece of information that Woopra provides, it allows the interaction with each client to be better promoted. Steven F. | COO, Enterprise Source: G2*

Simple Analytics: A privacy-friendly alternative

Simple Analytics is an easy-to-use analytics tool that gives you the insights you need while being 100% GDPR-compliant.

It was founded by Adriaan van Rossum shortly after the GDPR was approved. Since its inception, Simple Analytics has had customers of all sizes, notable ones being: Michelin, Havas Media, Nomadlist, and the UK Government.

Though Simple Analytics might sound like a simple minimal analytics tool, it does pack some powerful features that many marketers love, such as automated event collection, goal tracking, e-commerce analytics, bypassing ad blockers (as it’s privacy-friendly), and much more.

Let's explore a few reasons why it's become a preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable and affordable analytics tools.

Pros of using Simple Analytics

  1. Simple UI: Most product analytics tools like Woopra come with a complex UI which takes time to understand if you’re not a regular user. On the other hand, Simple Analytics focuses on a clean and easy-to-understand UI that even non-marketers can easily understand.
  2. Affordable: Tracking website and product metrics is pretty affordable with Simple Analytics. For just $9/month, you can track 100,000 datapoints (pageviews + events). Additionally, you get features that you would find in much more expensive tools.
  3. Privacy First: The world is moving in a direction where privacy is becoming increasingly important. Google Analytics has been declared illegal in multiple EU countries. You would rather avoid getting caught up in this mess. Take privacy or compliance with regulations into account.
  4. Mini Websites: Have you ever seen “t.co” as a referrer in your web analytics? If you have, you must have broken your head trying to find the source. Simple Analytics helps you find the exact tweet that referred/mentioned to your website.
  5. Lightweight: Your website is your storefront on the internet. Providing the best possible experience matters. Installing an analytics script has an impact on page speed. Choose an analytics tool that won’t slow your website down. Even Google recommends having a website that loads quickly.
  6. Integration: Installing and integrating Simple Analytics is also super easy. It has 20+ integrations to select from, so you can get it added quickly.

Cons of using Simple Analytics

Due to privacy laws, Simple Analytics doesn’t store IPs and user identifiers, which makes it lack a couple of metrics, such as bounce rate, but it does have time on page to give you an idea of user stickiness.

Pricing of Simple Analytics

Simple Analytics offers one of the most affordable pricing structures in its segment. The plans start at just $9/month, which lets you track 100,000 data points.

If you need more features, such as team access, the pricing goes up to $49/month, increasing the data points limit from 100,000 to 1,000,000.

Features comparison between Woopra and Simple Analytics

FeatureSimple AnalyticsWoopra
Account Management
Trackable ItemsUnlimitedUnlimited
User Seats1 to Unlimited users10 users to 50+ users
User RolesAvailableAdministrators or Users
Account SecurityPasswordless LoginSingle Sign-on
Data Processing
Data RetentionUnlimited90 days to 24+ months
Data Center LocationsEuropean Economic Area (EEA)United States
Data ImportGA importer includedImport raw visit data with actions and visitor properties via API
Data OwnershipYouWoopra
Software HostingPublic CloudPublic Cloud
Data FreshnessRealtimeRealtime
Data ExportAs CSV or via APIExport raw daily visit data via API
CookielessSimple Analytics is cookielessWoopra relies on first-party cookies
Funnel ReportingAvailableAvailable
Device ReportingAvailable (based on OS and screen sizes)Available
SegmentationAvailableCreate dynamic segments based on any combination of criteria
Trend ReportingAvailableMeasure by feature, subscription changes by location, campaign performance by source & more
Alerts & Automation
Integrations20+ Available and can send a request to the Simple Analytics team for more30+ Available
Email ReportsWeekly, monthlyCan schedule email reports
Custom EventsAvailableAvailable


Woopra provides comprehensive analytics, though it has restrictions on data storage duration. It also encounters challenges with GDPR compliance.

Simple Analytics provides the insights you need while being 100% GDPR compliant. They believe the internet should be an independent place that is friendly to website visitors. If this resonates with you, feel free to give it a try!

FAQs: A Better Alternative to Woopra

How does Woopra handle data privacy?

Woopra prioritizes the security and protection of consumer data and lays a high emphasis on data privacy. It includes features such as data anonymization and user consent management to ensure compliance with privacy requirements. The platform is dedicated to keeping consumer information private and secure.

Though everything looks fine, the primary issue is that Woopra is based in the USA, automatically making them non-compliant with GDPR.

How does Woopra keep track of customer behavior?

Woopra uses tracking code snippets written in JavaScript for websites, applications, and other digital platforms. These code snippets record and send numerous consumer interactions, like page views, clicks, form submissions, and custom events, to the Woopra platform for detailed analysis.

Which has a more user-friendly interface, Woopra or Simple Analytics?

Simple Analytics lives up to its name by providing an easy-to-use interface. The platform focuses on important analytics elements and is simple to set up and use. Simple Analytics' simplicity might be especially advantageous for those who prefer a streamlined experience without overwhelming challenges.

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