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Published on Jul 26, 2023 and edited on Jan 5, 2024 by Iron Brands

On July 1st, 2023, Google shut down Universal Analytics in favor of GA4 Analytics - a huge blow for marketers that have relied on the previous version for a long time.

The less-than-ideal experience with GA4 has led to a surge in interest in GA4 alternatives. If you've ever considered exploring alternatives to Google Analytics, this is the perfect opportunity to look at other options.

In this article, we compare Google Analytics vs WP Statistics, a popular website analytics tool for Wordpress websites that could be a good replacement for Google Analytics. We'll also introduce a third alternative.

  1. What is WP Statistics used for?
  2. How does it compare to Google Analytics?
    1. Data Collection:
    2. User Interface:
    3. Usability:
    4. Compliance with GDPR and HIPAA:
  3. WP Statistics Pricing
  4. Simple Analytics as an alternative for both
  5. What to look for in an analytics tool
  6. Final Thoughts
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What is WP Statistics used for?

WP Statistics is a web analytics plugin for WordPress that offers up-to-date information on the traffic to your website. You can use it to monitor visitor behavior, website traffic, and other crucial analytics.

Using WP Statistics, you can observe your visitors' origins, the pages, and how long they stay on your site. Detailed information on your traffic and behavior is available.

One of its key advantages is that WP Statistics was created especially for WordPress blogs. It is simple to install and use and smoothly interacts with WordPress. You can immediately gain an overview of your website's performance and visitor behavior with its straightforward dashboard and accessible reports.

WP Statistics.png

How does it compare to Google Analytics?

There are a few metrics worth looking at when comparing two alternatives. First, we'll dive into the data collection process, then the user interface, usability and compliance.

Data Collection:

GA4 focuses on event-based and user-level data collection with a lot of flexibility, tracking a wide set of engagements. Advanced features like "Enhanced measurement" comprehensively track users' activities. However, the data collection method, especially event tracking, may be a bit challenging for beginners to understand and implement.

WP Statistics provides a simpler, site-focused data collection, specifically tailored for WordPress sites. It lacks the event-based features of Google Analytics.

User Interface:

GA4 is a complex analytics tool with a complex interface. It can be overwhelming if you're used to Universal Analytics, especially for beginners.

WP Statistics offers a simple, user-friendly interface that easily integrates with WordPress, providing a clean visual display of statistics.


GA4 is a powerful, user-centric analytics platform that has a steep learning curve. You will probably require training or work with a developer to get the most important insights form it.

WP Statistics is easy to use. It provides fundamental website insights directly onto your site’s dashboard. It’s less comprehensive but quicker to grasp.

Compliance with GDPR and HIPAA:

GA4 aims to be adaptable to cookie-less future, with mechanisms for GDPR compliance. However, various counties have banned the use of Google Analytics based on the data transfers to the U.S. Also GA4 indicated that is not compliant with HIPAA. We wrote about this in depth as well here.

WP Statistics states to be GDPR compliant by moving analytics on your own server without sharing data with third parties. It does not expressly state HIPAA compliance.

WP Statistics Pricing

Several add-ons are available through WP Statistics to improve your analytics capabilities, but they are more expensive. Here is a summary:

The Add-Ons Bundle contains comprehensive reporting, widgets, customization, data plus, real-time stats, REST API, and more, costing $119.00 annually.

It offers an advanced reporting feature that gives detailed reports for more profound insights for $39.00/year. In addition, for $39.00/year, owners can add more widget settings to improve user experience.

WP Statistics also allows add-ons to fit your website for $39.00 annually.

Here's the pricing of a few other features when purchased separately:

  • Data Plus: For $39.00/year, gain access to sophisticated data analysis
  • Mini Chart: For $15 per year, quickly view essential metrics
  • Real-Time Stats: For $39.00 each year, stay current
  • REST API: For $15 per year, programmatically access your data

Although the offers are feature-rich, some consumers may find them pricey.

WP Statistics (2).png

Simple Analytics as an alternative for both

There is a third alternative that you might want to check out. Especially, if you are fed up with GA4.

Simple Analytics is a privacy-friendly and simple analytics tool, that is 10x easier to use than Google Analytics. It's also has a Wordpress plugin.

PS: If you are looking for a Google Analytics replacement, check out a direct comparison with Google Analytics

Now let's review a few benefits of using Simple Analytics.

Pros of using Simple Analytics

  1. Simplified UI - Simple Analytics offers a straightforward user interface that makes analysis easier. It's 10x easier to work with than GA4. Checkout the public dashboard to see what that looks like.
  2. Affordable Pricing- Simple Analytics starts at a reasonable price.
  3. No cookie banner- Simple Analytics gives you the insights you need without using cookies or trackers. Hence, no need for an annoying cookiebanner on your website.
  4. Chat with your analytics- Simple Analytics AI is the latest features that lets you chat with your analytics and get insights directly.

Cons of using Simple Analytics:

The user interface of Simple Analytics is made to look simple and easy to understand so everyone, be it the founder or marketing teams, can use it easily. A Product Manager may need a few more screens, but that is something that can be quickly built with the goals feature.

Pricing of Simple Analytics:

Simple Analytics is a paid analytics tool unlike Google Analytics. Why? Well, Google Analytics earns money on selling your visitor data. Simple Analytics doesn't do that. We keep your data secure and don't sell it to third-parties.

It comes at a cost, starting at $9/month, making it a pocket-friendly tool for all businesses. There is no reason why website analytics needs to be blantantly pricey.

Simple analytics pricing (5).png

What to look for in an analytics tool

Selecting a tool for your analytics is a crucial decision. Be sure to go through this checklist before making a choice. You're good to go if the tool provides these:

Ease of Use: You shouldn’t spend your time on a complex web analytics tool that takes time and experience to get familiar with.

Accuracy: Getting an accurate picture of what’s happening on your website is important.

Straightforward UI: Most of the time, you don’t need 75 custom dashboards (looking at you, Google).

Lightweight: Installing an analytics script has an impact on your page speed. Choose an analytics tool that doesn’t slow your website down.

Privacy: The world is moving in a direction where privacy is becoming increasingly important.

Integration: Your analytics should be able to integrate with other tools.

Pricing: Consider the tool's pricing and ensure it aligns with your budget.

Although this checklist can assist you in getting started, there may be other factors for your organization that you need to consider.

Final Thoughts

If you want a tool that checks these boxes, then check out Simple Analytics. It provides the insights you need in a straightforward dashboard while being 100% GDPR compliant.

Want to see what that looks like? Check our public dashboard here

We believe the internet should be an independent place that is friendly to website visitors. By opting for Simple Analytics, you’ll be supporting us in our mission and protecting the privacy of your website visitors. If this resonates with you, feel free to give us a try.

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