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What is an assisted Conversion in Google Analytics?

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Published on Jan 20, 2023 by Iron Brands

Different sources and channels contribute to the conversion process for a website or web application. This is called assisted conversions. An assisted conversion is a conversion that played a role in influencing the visitor to convert at a later time but did not directly result in a conversion. Basically, it is an attribution to a source or channel.

These types of conversions are essential because they give you an insight into the impact that different sources and channels have on the conversion process. If you analyze assisted conversions, you can understand the contributions that various sources and channels make to the overall success of your website or web application, and you can check opportunities for improving your marketing and advertising efforts.

That seems straightforward, but how do you access and analyze these reports? You can find them through the Assisted Conversions report in Google Analytics. This report shows those different sources and channels that contributed to assisted conversions for a website or web application, along with the number and value of these assisted conversions. Also, in the report, you can find the first and last interaction that each source and channel had with a visitor before converting, as well as the total number of conversions and the total value for each source and channel.

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