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What is ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics?

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Published on Jan 20, 2023 by Iron Brands

You can track and analyze the revenue and transactions generated by your online store through e-commerce tracking. It lets you see detailed information about the products and services your customers buy and the revenue and other metrics associated with each purchase.

You can implement e-commerce tracking through the E-commerce section of the Google Analytics interface. This section lets you set up and configure your eCommerce tracking and access the data and reports generated by the tracking.

To set up e-commerce tracking, you only need to add a tracking code to your website or web application that will send transaction and product data to your analytics tool. This tracking code is typically added to the checkout page of your online store, and it sends information about each transaction. For example, this information can be the products customers purchase and the revenues generated.

Once you set up e-commerce tracking, you can access various eCommerce reports in Google Analytics. These reports provide an overview of detailed information about the revenue, transactions, and products that customers purchase. But it also gives you other metrics, such as your website's average order value and conversion rate.

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