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What is a property in Google Analytics?

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Published on Jan 20, 2023 and edited on Nov 22, 2023 by Iron Brands

A fundamental concept in Google Analytics is that of a "property." It's a key organizational element within the platform, helping users manage and analyze their data efficiently.

The Concept of a Property


  • A Property in Google Analytics: It represents a website, mobile application, or device (like a kiosk or point-of-sale system) that you want to track. It's akin to an individual data container within your Google Analytics account.

Setting Up Properties

  • Unique Tracking ID: When you set up a property in Google Analytics, it's assigned a unique Tracking ID or Measurement ID. This identifier is used in tracking codes to send data to the correct property.
  • Multiple Properties: Users can set up multiple properties under one Google Analytics account. This is useful for businesses that operate several websites or apps and want to track their data separately.

The Role of Properties in Data Analysis

  1. Data Collection: Each property collects data independently. When you implement the tracking code on your website or app, it sends data to the specified property in Google Analytics.
  2. Custom Configuration: You can customize settings like data filters, goals, and user permissions at the property level. This allows for tailored analysis based on the specific needs of each website or app.
  3. Data Views: Within a property, you can create multiple views. Views are subsets of your property data, allowing for more refined and specific analysis.

Advanced Features

  • Cross-Domain Tracking: For businesses with multiple related websites, properties can be configured for cross-domain tracking, offering a holistic view of user interactions across all sites.
  • Data Integration: Properties can integrate with other Google services, like Google Ads, enhancing the depth and usefulness of the data.

Final Thoughts

Properties in Google Analytics are crucial for organizing and analyzing your digital data effectively. While Google Analytics offers robust and detailed tracking capabilities, it can be quite complex for many organizations.

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